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Bespoke Registration

Care Consultancy Assist provides a fully inclusive hand holding, end to end registration service.  We work in partnership with you throughout to gather all the information we need to prepare your registration submission.  Not only that, we provide as part of the package:



 Care Consultancy Assist Bespoke CQC Registration Packages


 Care Consultancy Assist offers you a specialist bespoke “hand holding” support package. Specifically:


  •  We will set up and draft up your CQC application paperwork.

  •  We will advise about the responsibilities of your CQC Nominated Individual and CQC Registered Manager, including supply of         our special guides about these roles.

  •  We will advise about how to obtain your special CQC Countersigned Disclosure and Barring Service certificate.

  •  We will also advise you about CQC requirements for your selected “CQC Location” including supply our detailed guide that               regarding premises requirements.

  •  We will also draft up your CQC Statement of Purpose and prepare the mandatory details for your CQC application about your           governance and safeguarding plans.

  •  We will submit your completed CQC application forms, we will also help you to respond to any preliminary queries that the CQC       may raise.

  •  We will recommend around 40 policies that the CQC will expect to see in place.  We will prepare all these for you, plus any extra      policies that are felt to also be needed.

  •  We will support your CQC Registered Manager personally in preparing for the CQC interview process.

  •  We will also supply a full copy of our “Guide to Your Pre Registration Interview” that acts as a step-by-step checklist.

  •  We will advise about relevant HR issues including copies of staff contracts, staffing policies and staff training requirements   (including a   substantial discount on membership of Blue Stream Academy, a national leading training organisation).

  •  We will assist you with your cash-flow and financial analysis for your new service.

  •  We will also advise about other CQC mandatory aspects such as insurance, Data Protection registration, and other requirements     to endure that your CQC application is successful.


General Advice and Support


From our experience over many years, we realise that every one of our clients has different needs and circumstances.


So, we offer a complimentary initial detailed discussion with you about your service plans, and what CQC requirements – if any! – that your service may have.


Please contact us, and we will be pleased to help with answering your queries. And if you then wish us to send you through further details about the CQC registration process and our support service, then we will also do this for you without charge.


Contact us below and we will contact you back to discuss your requirements further and offer a bespoke proposal.

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